Monday, September 01, 2008

IVAW DNC Update re LA Times: Once more into the breach!

Together Then...

VVAW Silent March on Nixon, Demanding our country and our flag back, in Miami, at 1972 RNC
Together Again...
Obama camp meets with Iraq war veterans protesting at Democratic convention
By Nicholas Riccardi and DeeDee Correll, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers August 28, 2008

DENVER -- About 50 Iraq war veterans led a boisterous crowd of about 4,000 protesters to the gates of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday evening, demanding to speak at the podium inside.The four-mile march began at the site of a concert by leftist rock group Rage Against the Machine. It ended five hours later, after the Obama campaign resolved a tense standoff outside the Pepsi Center by agreeing to meet with
representatives of the group, Iraq Veterans Against the War. Click here for complete article.

Another Deja Vus Flash
Willie Hager

Winter Soldiers, then and now; speaking Truth to power. Hopefully, this time, the "Change" will actually take. Unlike the last time. And when the champion wins the day, that they honor their words with actions that benefit us all, not just a few voter demographics, like they did after we threw Nixon out and gave the government back to The People.
I was in Miami in 1972, with the California contingent of the Last Patrol, and was on the Silent March. We were faced off with the Florida Highway patrol, and elements of the 82d Airborne and Florida National Guard. There was fear in their eyes as we shuffled silently by, on our way to the Fontainbleau, where Nixon was holed up. Our silence unnerved them, just as it was intended to do. I am sure that many of them thought that we were going to keep marching right up to the Fontainbleau penthouse (Nixon Bunker) and drag him out into the streets, for all to see and publically revile. They were visibly relieved when we pulled up and rallied around the front of the hotel and began making speeches supporting our Demands, and accusing Nixon and his cronies of being war criminals. You coulda' cut the tension in the air with a knife. What a rush!
I was in front of the tube, down here in Cracker Swamp, as the New Winter Soldiers of IVAW made their March to the doors of the Pepsi - I'm a Coke man, myself - Center, with their Demands. I pretty much watched full coverage of all the days; never a blackout, much as with the Winter Soldier I&A in Silver Springs, MD, this past March. I didn't know that The March had happened until I received an e-mail from Jan Ruhman, a back to back VVAW Brother, from The Day. He is also a major SoCal IVAW Supporter, and the Southern California Organizing Contact, for VVAW, with the LA Times IVAW DNC piece attached.
When I opened it, and saw the picture of the IVAW marchers, striding silently, with such purpose; I really did have a deja vus flashback! What a rush! I knew then that Hope was alive. That the imagery of those few proud Americans facing off with the powers that be, and having their demands met in such a public way and in face of such overwhelming odds, would once again, demonstrate to the American People, as it did in our day; that the power of True Change lies in the principles and in the hands of those willing to sacrifice to bring it about; it is then the Constitutional Duty of the American People to see that it is placed, and retained in the hands of those who share the same principles and sense of Truth; and who won't sell us out, again for personal, political, or capital gain.
Semper Fi...


Anonymous said...

Great piece bro--as someone who also took part on that amazing silent march it had real impact in terms of what this generation of anti-war vets are accomplishing in striking blows against the empire. Its good to still be part of this struggle. Ron S./Old School Calif. VVAW

mutt said...

friggin' muggy it was, too...

i was in Miami for both conventions in '72. bought me back.

First trip to Fla, rode down w/ Chicago 7 prosecutee Dave Froines, from Vermont. Or maybe it was Weiner- long friggin time ago.

Went w/ my gang at the time, we were all living in rural vt, so I
worked w/ VVAW there but I hung w/ my collective, as we grandly called
ourselves. First time we ran in "affinity groups" worked out well. No such things as "free speech zones"- we made our own.

And I still do.
mutt, vvaw-sd

SgtWayne said...

Brother, that picture brought back some memories. I think Billy Wyman is passed now. I read Nancy's book on the flt's over, read it when you get the chance. To this day, 99% of the American people still don't have a clue as to what went on in their name, kinda' like today. I think if the nixon cabel had the power that this one does we would all be dead long time ago. The IVAW has already had a much different kind of harrassment than we did, the military didn't dare say anything about us wearing the uniform or parts of it. They are still the only ones brave enough to do anything about the out-of-control government.

I don't count on Obama for much, but if Mcbush gets in count on never ending war. Never forget the Huston plan and the Rand reports from the past, you can bet the regime hasn't. The repungents certainly don't seem to worried about the election.

Take care, always watch your 6...