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How to Support Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan

*Less Than 20 days away!*

Winter Soldier will be the largest gathering of Iraq Veterans Against the War to date!

From March 13-16, 2008, IVAW will gather at the National Labor College near Washington , DC to disclose the realities of U.S. war policy in a public investigation called Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan .

Continuing a tradition of courage...

Veterans and civilian survivors of both occupations will give public testimony and share eyewitness stories that have been censored from the American public about the true human cost of these occupations.

Winter Soldier will rewrite history...

Currently, the history of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations is being written by people who aren't fighting them. For our democracy to function, Americans must understand the reality of the wars their government is waging. By breaking the silence, veterans are performing a difficult but essential service to our country.

What you can do? Learn more:

  • Check out the 1971 VVAW Winter Soldier video, now available online,
  • Join the movement...Sign the statement of support at
  • Spread the Word....Post a banner on your or your organization's website. Here's some help;
  • Be an Advocate...Encourage and sponsor GIs and veterans in your area to tell their stories. Veterans and GIs interested in testifying should contact the NYC IVAW chapter, who are coordinating the testimonies for Winter Soldier, at .
  • Donate Today...Help with fundraising by collecting donations or hosting public events. House parties have been happening across the country in support of Winter Soldier For more ideas; check out IVAW's fundraising guide,
  • Volunteer to help in DC. There is a limited amount of space for VVAW, VFP, and MSFSO members to attend. If you can come to DC and lend a hand at registration tables, peer counseling, child care, security, or other tasks, please register ASAP at
  • Share the Stories...Distribute information to other organizations, websites and journalists.

All of the Winter Soldier hearings will be archived online in video and audio at the IVAW website. A pdf of the testimonies heard and a DVD will also be available shortly after Winter Soldier weekend. For more on the archives of Winter Soldier that will be available, please contact

  • Write your Experience...Write letters to the editor of local newspapers, or you can e-mail your piece to Subj: Submit, telling why Winter Soldier is important to you. For help preparing materials for the press, please contact
  • Call your Leaders ("When follower's lead, leaders will follow." Ed.)...Contact your Congressional offices, request that they watch the hearings. To find out who your U.S. representative is visit U.S. House of Representatives, on-line;; For the U.S. Senate,
  • For state and local representatives; call your town hall, visit your state website, or ask your local librarian for help.
  • Organize your Neighbors...Organize community forums to share the live broadcasts of the Winter Soldier hearings, and let us know about them. All planned events can be posted at the IVAW website here:

For more on the Winter Soldier schedule, and how to connect to the live broadcasts, please visit

  • Give Strength.Provide emotional support for vets and GI's. A national network of mental health professionals is being organizing to support testifiers, members of IVAW and their families. If you or a colleague and would like to participate in this important organizing effort, please contact
  • Speak Out...Use the testimonies recorded at the hearings to talk to youth about the reality of military service. Check out IVAW's Truth-in-Recruiting campaign for more details.> > _______________________________________________

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