Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poetic Justice…

This in from Xonk: FEC FINES SWIFT BOAT VETS 300K

Thanks, Bro…Keep up the fire! Here’s my take on this one:

I don’t want to be an old I told you so…but…:-)! Pardon me, if I gloat a little…no, make that a lot! But, it has been quite a journey (and a rewarding one
as well, it seems…) from the 3rd Triennial Vietnam Symposium at Texas Tech University, held in Lubbock, Texas, in March of 2005, to reading about this major victory for the forces of Truth. The journey started when a group of Old School VVAW types under the leadership of Ms Nancy Miller Saunders, serving as panel moderator, confronted these liars on Saturday, March 19th , the last day of the Symposium. I was honored to both be member of Nancy’s panel as well as to be in the company of the likes of Terry Dubose, Alex Primm, and Gerald Nicosia as fellow panelists.

As a panel, we enjoyed the in person back to back support of CathyK, SgtWayne, Calixto, Scott, BettyH, LucyD, and CathyP. Old School VVAW, one and all. And as such; primary targets in the anti-Kerry hate campaign mounted by the Swift Boat Vets leading up to and during the last presidential election campaigns. All were there to personally confront the Nixon left-overs with the Truth regarding Kerry and the VVAW. The first ones up to that point to do so; including Kerry himself, I might add. The Swifties presented at 0845, and we were on at 1030 hours. Unedited live video of panel presentations and panelists’ presentation papers are available at
TTU Symposium '05.

Those who were there should definitely feel a tremendous sense of validation of personal and political principle, and most assuredly deserve acknowledgement for having been members of the crew that fired the first shots over the bow of the Swift Boat Vets in what has now become a major victory for the American electorate.

The idea of was born from that gathering. It was founded on the premise that Truth ain’t always pretty, but; it is always powerful. On my families coat of arms is inscribed on a banner the premise, in Latin; “Persistence brings down even the strongest walls…” This decision by the FEC is powerful reinforcement for both of these premises. It is an especially validating experience to have been in the fight, along with countless others joined together on the side of right, and to have prevailed.

We owe ourselves an “Attaboy!” on this one, for sure. However; we will need to remain vigilant. These guys haven’t surrendered. They’ve simply retired from the field; they are just re-grouping and will now be super busy, looking for loop-holes in these recent restrictions,, in readiness for the run-up to the 2008 elections.

I know that all hands that were at TTU will continue to provide political light, in any way that they can, to the lies of those who now must swarm like flies to sugar to any perceived loopholes in the new restrictions. will remain in the fight. We hope that all of those who brought about this social and political shift in our society, the American voter, will, too. It is to them that we truly owe this victory, and it is their hearts and minds that we will need in order to prevail in the many battles to come.

Semper Fi!