Monday, May 27, 2013

Action Alert: One of our true champions of peace, freedom, and social justice is in need of our help...

Dear Friends…

Many of you already know her, for those who may not:  Our friend Sue Thompson is a freelance photo-journalist who has been to the Mideast on more than one occasion, documenting the true cost of the “war on terror” on the children and families of the region. She is currently involved in a project that is making a documentary on the survivors of USS Liberty incident.  She is also a close personal friend and has shared several actions with the membership of VVAW/OSS here in the US, ever since we were first all together in D.C. for the initial Occupy Freedom Plaza in Oct., 2011. We consider her one of us.

Sue is also a mother, and right now it is her and her own child’s plight that needs our focus, our caring, and our help.  Her daughter, Tia, was recently hospitalized for diabetic complications that were exacerbated by less than professional care by hospital staff on more than one admission over the last year.  She was recently released to Home Hospice Care, in order to be home and care for her own child. Sue is there with her to look after Tia, at present. 

Problem is, while Tia’s was in the hospital, her ex-husband, who shared custody with Tia for their child, came and took all of the furniture, kept the child, and is in arrears on his child  support for the sum of $20,000, leaving Tia with no rent money, and facing a certain eviction notice on the first of June. To say the least, our friend Sue is a little overwhelmed, distraught, and really short on options.  While there are long term ramifications and means of redress to this overall set of unfortunate set of circumstances, our concern is with the immediate relief from this fall-out.

Sue and Tia need our immediate moral and financial support, to include $300.00 up-front for an attorney to help recover back payments from Tia’s Ex, and also to protect Tia’s current interests, as well. However, they most immediately need “moving” money by the first of June, in order to secure another place for Tia to live. 

Not much time left. If you can see your way clear to contribute to ease Tia’s Hospice journey and help our friend Sue, who is in turn a true friend of children everywhere, see she and Tia through this nightmare; we would deeply appreciate it. We  are providing two e-mail addresses, both related to Sue and Tia’s Pay-Pal accounts, and a snail mail address that you may use to send any donations via check or money order, and with which you can send personal greetings to Tia:
E-mail via Pay-Pal - Go to  and enter either or in appropriate dialog box. There are instructions for mobile or e-mail Money Transfer, including a How-To video link, on the PayPal page.

Snail Mail - Tia Thompson, 7326 Carillon Avenue, Cocoa, Fl  32927

Thank you,

Willie Hager