Monday, October 12, 2009

Afghanistan?! What about the war at home?

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Ed Note: I have taken the liberty of reposting Julie Anna's blog on our pages because, to me; this is the real collateral damage of war...when will the VA and the Pentagon ever learn? There are some serious lessons to be learned from Julie's experiences. I hope her husband somehow reads this, and realizes that he is not alone, through all of this...hope is the best motivator for finding the road home. Been there, done that. WH

13 August 2009

My heart is broken. My husband was diagnosed with PTSD and TBI and life has been hell for more than two years because instead of getting the help he needs, he was shit on even more. We all were. Now we are back at Fort Lewis and my girls and I are living alone. He can barely function with out freaking out, and for safety sake has moved out. We are all getting counseling of all kinds but I can still barely breathe. I thought an army wife was supposed to be strong, just like her warrior husband... now we are all broken.

I love my husband and I am still here for him, despite the things he's done which I can't even begin to mention. He says his biggest fear is to lose me and the kids, then why can't he see that I'M STILL HERE?!

i'm still here...

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