Friday, January 23, 2009

Women Veterans Writer's Group Forms - St Paul, Mn

Ed Note: This came in from my friend and sister, Chante Wolfe. Chante is a female Veteran from the 1st Gulf War. I met her when we were there together with, at the Winter Soldier I & A, in Maryland, this past year. Chante is a photo/journalist, and had agreed to work with the group, who were there, not only as VVAW and VFP members in support of security for the event, but also on a journalistic mission. This effort resulted in our first Special Edition on-line magazine, dedicated to the WSI I&A event. Chante provided the cover photo, and a slide show for for that commerative publication. I have linked copies of the flyer and the press for the intial writer's meeting, in the subject line of Chante's e-mail. If you know a WV, in the Twin Cities area, who might be interested in joining in with Chante in this worthwhile project, or have a contact in the Twin Cities press, please, share it with them. If you are interested in putting together a Veteran's writing group in your area, please, e-mail:

Here's Chante's message...

From: Chante Wolf
Subject: Fwd: Writing Group Flyer & Press Release
Date: Monday, January 19, 2009, 1:16 PM

Please forward to women veterans you know who may be interested in attending this free writing group. This idea is based on the work done by veterans with Maxine Hong Kingston and Thich Nhat Hanh and the book that followed: "Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace". It is my firm belief that telling our stories is one of the most important components of our healing journey. This is a safe place for women who served in the military to come and share their stories through writing.

First meeting: Jan. 25th, 4 - 6pm -- Twin Cities Friends Meeting 1726 Grand Ave., St. Paul. Bring writing materials and anything you have been working on already -- or ideas to start with.

All women veterans are welcome!

Chante Wolf