Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bradley Manning Support Network Newsletter - A New Year Call to Action

Ed Note:  Bradley has been promoted to Corporal by some members of VVAW (my organization of choice).  But, he needs more than moral support, as reflected in this e-mail that I received from VVAW.  If you are an activist/organizer looking for somewhere to direct your energy; here is a Peace & Justice issue worthy of your consideration, and possible involvement.  As we are all looking around  for things to rally around for the new year, this one stands out as a priority issue, regardless of what organization you might work with.  Is there a question in any one's mind that Bradley is not what we called back in the day, a political prisoner?  Well, to Free Bradley! WH
 On Mon, 12/27/10, Vietnam Veterans Against the War wrote:
 Bradley Manning Support Network
Supporter Newsletter

Exposing War Crimes Is Not A Crime!

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December 22, 2010
xIssue: 2.1

A Typical Day for P.F.C. Bradley Manning
  • Find out what Bradley Manning's daily existence is like in this blog post written by his lawyer, David Coombs.    No push-ups, sit-ups, or pillows.  What next?

The Inhumane Conditions of Bradley Manning's Detention

  • Month upon month in solitary confinement and punitive restrictions are leading to a depressed physical and mental state for Bradley Manning. All without being convicted of anything at all

Bradley Manning Support Network Condemns Unjust Detainment of Activist.

The F.B.I. detained a developer helping the Bradley Manning Support Network and confiscated his property with no formal charges made.

Bradley Manning Support Network accepts responsibility for all expenses to defend accused Wikileaks whistle-blower.

We (meaning all of you!) have already provided half of the funds required for P.F.C. Manning's legal defense, but there are still other expenses just to maintain the Network. Please consider helping us meet our goal!

What Can I Do?

Join the fray!  Learn ten simple ways we've come up with for you to help Bradley Manning (plus one more written in the comments section by a very helpful supporter). 

Together we can!

The Bradley Manning Support Network is an ad hoc, international grassroots effort to help accused whistle blower Pfc. Bradley Manning.

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