Monday, June 27, 2005


Folks, I received this today from a well known medical person and listed in the CC: many of my professional colleagues... my response is below. This is, I am sure, being pushed by Bush's Orwellian Ministers of Misinformation. Peace, Terry

Subject: FW: Red Friday

Just passing it along…

You will soon see a lot of people wearing Red on Fridays. Here's why..... The Americans, who support our troops, are the silent majority. We are not "organized" to reflect who we are, or to reflect what our opinions are. Many Americans, like yourself, and all their friends, simply want to recognize that Americans support our troops. Our idea of showing our solidarity and support for our troops is starting Friday and continuing on each and every Friday, until this is over, that every red -blooded American who supports our young men and women, WEAR SOMETHING RED.

Word of mouth, press, TV -- let's see if we can make the United States, on any given Friday, a sea of red much like a home football game at a University. If every one of our memberships share this with other acquaintances, fellow workers, friends, and neighbors, I guarantee that it will not be long before the USA will be covered in RED - and make our troops know there are many people thinking of their well-being.

You will feel better all day Friday when you wear Red! So let’s get the word out and lead by example; wear RED on Fridays. I sent this out to everyone on my email list; hopefully, you will too. Please forward this to everyone you know!! Wear Red on Fridays.




Friends. While I understand the intent of your message and your concern for our troops, I cannot participate in any activity that might be interpreted as supporting those who put our National Guard and other troops in harms way. As one who volunteered and served in Vietnam, I understand very well the dilemma. I support our troops, but not the administration; and I will not do anything that might be interpreted by anyone as supporting those who have put our troops and nation in this situation.

I am convinced that the "Downing Street Memo" is just the tip of the iceberg in this mess. Colin Powell asked Bush just 2-3 days before Bush ordered the troops into Iraq, “Are you sure you want to do this? If you break it, you own it." Bush went ahead and now the citizens of the USA own the problem.

It is not the troop’s fault that they are in this untenable situation, but it is Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Tenet's. Vietnam evolved out of 1870's French Colonialism, and after WWII became Cold War diplomacy run amuck. But Iraq was Bush’s decision... and the responsibility rests squarely on him and his administration. They took their eye off Osama Bin Laden, Iraq was not a threat, and I believe Bush’s advisors knew it. Why did they go into Iraq rather than after the Saudi's who financed Osama?

The UN weapons inspectors were begging the Bush administration to tell them where the alleged "Slam Dunk” WMDs were so that they could go look and secure them right up until they were told to get out, we are bombing Baghdad. The UN inspectors had located, identified, inventoried, secured, and were monitoring over 300 tons of very high conventional explosives in Iraqi bunkers. The UN told us what was there and where it was, yet the troops were told to look for WMDs, not conventional weapons. When those bunkers were opened and no WMDs were found the troops went on, as ordered, to Baghdad. Those very explosives were looted and are being used against our troops today. Yet, the Iraqi Oil Ministry was secured, and not even a window was broken.


“In subsequent days, looting and unrest became a serious issue. With the notable exception of the Oil Ministry, which was guarded by American troops, the majority of government and public buildings were totally plundered, to the point of there being nothing of any value left. At the important Yarmuk Hospital, not only all beds, but absolutely all its medical equipment, both large and small, were stolen. One other hospital managed to keep on functioning in a manner by organizing local vigilante as armed guards.” And:

“Hundreds of tones of high explosives are missing and probably looted from a former Iraqi military facility, the United Nations nuclear watchdog said on Monday.

Before the U.S. invasion last year, the IAEA had been keeping tabs on stockpiles of HMX and RDX, which are so-called "dual-use" explosives because they can be used in nuclear weapons.

The Al Qaqaa facility, a large military installation located 45 kilometers south of Baghdad, has been under U.S. military control since the war, but has repeatedly been looted.

Some wonder whether the missing explosives are now being used in insurgent attacks against the forces of the U.S.-led coalition.”

I could go on, but will not. I support bringing the troops as soon as feasible, but I do not trust Bush’s judgment and do not trust him to solve this difficult situation. And I will not participate in any activity that can be spun by Bush's Ministers of Misinformation as support for him.

He should be impeached! We need new leadership.

"Dissent is patriotic."

Peace, Terry J DuBose