Sunday, June 14, 2009

PTSD: We can all be part of the solution...

Cynthia Orange is Writing a book for the loved ones of people with PTSD

Ed note: Micheal Orange is a member of the Blog Squad, and pens on our pages as Agent Orange, as does his wife Cynthia, nome de plume, VetWrite. Micheal is also the author of Fire in the hole: A Mortarman in Vietnam, a narrative of his own time spent in-country. Micheal sent this e-mail out to myself, and two other friends, asking for us to distribute it as widely as possible, so, here it is; to read, and to, hopefully, act on...WH

Dear Bob, Willie, and Woody:

My wife, Cynthia, is writing a book for the loved ones of people with PTSD that will be released in the spring of 2010, and she would love input. We're hoping that you can distribute this letter to your respective contact lists. Also, please forward this to others like yourselves who have links to other veterans organizations.

The book will weave throughout it anecdotes and examples gathered from trauma survivors and those affected by a loved one’s trauma to illustrate how some families deal with the challenges inherent in this disorder. The focus will be on self-care, and it will also contain advice from mental health professionals and other experts in the field of PTSD.

She's written extensively about PTSD and co-occurring disorders, prevention and recovery (I gave her plenty first-hand learning opportunities over our 36-year marriage). She has developed three questionnaires 1) for trauma survivors, 2) for the loved ones of those who suffer (or suffered) from PTSD, and 3) for experts who work with trauma survivors and/or those who are affected by a loved one's trauma or PTSD.

Those interested in completing or forwarding a questionnaire should respond to Cynthia at:

Thank you.


Michael Orange, VFP member since 1991