Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anti-war Veterans and Supporters Mass at the Gates of Power....

Taking A Stand!

Washington, D.C - Members of Veterans for Veterans For Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, and Iraq Veterans Against The War rallied with other peace and justice organizations in Washington D.C., today.  Together, they delivered a unified and powerful message of Peace On Earth - NOW!, to the gates of the White House. The delivery came in the form of Post Cards of Peace floated over the White House Fence, and 120 Veterans and other activists chaining themselves to the White House Fence in solidarity, and commitment to up the ante in the struggle for peace, in the coming months.  

Please share this compelling video, courtesy of davidcnswanson, with your social networks and list shares. Hopefully, this action will be the start of a prairie fire of grassroots activism in the name of Peace & Justice that will end US involvement in the current wars in Iraq (Yes, we're still there...after all these years) & in Afghanistan.

In Unity,
Willie Hager