Wednesday, June 29, 2005



Over the past two years, the Swift Boat Vets "For Truth" have spent millions in cybermoney trying to convince the American people of a concerted Communist link between Vietnam Veterans Against The War circa the '70s (VVAW, circa 1970s) and John Kerry. Meanwhile, Senator Durbin, D-Ill and Amnesty International is accusing US Forces of being on par with the Nazis & KGB in their handling of prisoners at Guantanamo and less well known locations.

How is anyone not dogmatically aligned to the Far Right or Far Left ever going to hear, feel, see, or know the Truth when faced with that kind of rhetorical investment? Those currently in political power (and those currently trying to regain power) are equally guilty of hiding and distorting the Truth to suit their own political, personal, or capital gain. They purposefully revise history to support their particular premises. See: Communism & VVAW by Bill Hager at As long as Big Money supports these efforts, the interests of the People become secondary to political gain and control of power.

A Rose By Any Other Name...

As long as I can remember, there are those designated as PC (Politically Correct) or Thought Police whose sole purpose is to defy the boundaries of decorum (other than their own) to shape the consciousness of the masses. Across the political spectrum, examples include Hitler's Gestapo, Mao's Red Guard and Russia's KGB.

Closer to home, in the 1970s, Nixon called upon the FBI and Plumbers -- some of whom are still on the job -- as political operatives and spokespersons for the Big Money on the Right.

In the 2000s, a strong example of Thought Police is the Swift Boat Vets "For Truth" on the Right and the ACLU on the Left. All are charged with furthering their particular political ideology at all costs, especially in situations where objective political Truth stands in the way of achieving their goals.

These PC/Thought Police attempt to subvert the will of the American people through misinformation and disinformation by revising history through the art of the "Political Spin". These tactics forsake the basic principles of the Constitution and the free will of the American people, the right to self determination as a People and the right to question and freely challenge political power without fear of political repression. These tactics -- although primarily aimed at Undecided voters -- affect all of us, not just the direct targets of their political spins.

All of the above-mentioned groups evolved, in time, to control or to attempt to control, the political consciousness of the Adoring and/or Toiling masses, and most importantly in today's volatile American political climate -- the Undecided Voter Masses, especially in political swing states. Undecided voters are the strategic targets of think tanks, PACs, 527s, and corporate/special interest lobbyists all funded by Big Money.

Unless the tides are turned here and now; these half-truths, character assassinations and redundantly rhetorical tactics might succeed. When we go to the polls, our votes should be cast on considered options based on our own personal beliefs, values, and knowledge gained from factual research. We have a personal and communal responsibility to seek the objective Truth, regardless of the mind-numbing redundancy, over- simplification and purposeful spinning of perspectives of Big-Money financed political operatives on both the Left and Right.

The American People must be given the resources and support they need to have their pragmatic political voices heard over the current din of political acrimony and to rally against the forces of political repression and historical revisionism. America's destiny belongs in the hands of the People, not in the hands of political operatives of either Political Party who use rhetoric to subvert Truth to further their personal, political and capital goals.

So, what does all of this have to do with the Durbin Debacle in the US Senate found in the title on this piece? Consider this: Are we really like Gestapo and KGB in our dealings with our enemies as Senator Durbin D-Ill claims? Or is there some light to be shed on those shameful remarks designed to win political hearts and minds?

For Truth to prevail, the Swift Boat Vets "For Truth's" untrue and undocumented claims about Kerry, VVAW and the Communist Party during the 1970s anti-war years -- and their attempts to rewrite history to their own purposes -- must be made public.


Monday, June 27, 2005


Folks, I received this today from a well known medical person and listed in the CC: many of my professional colleagues... my response is below. This is, I am sure, being pushed by Bush's Orwellian Ministers of Misinformation. Peace, Terry

Subject: FW: Red Friday

Just passing it along…

You will soon see a lot of people wearing Red on Fridays. Here's why..... The Americans, who support our troops, are the silent majority. We are not "organized" to reflect who we are, or to reflect what our opinions are. Many Americans, like yourself, and all their friends, simply want to recognize that Americans support our troops. Our idea of showing our solidarity and support for our troops is starting Friday and continuing on each and every Friday, until this is over, that every red -blooded American who supports our young men and women, WEAR SOMETHING RED.

Word of mouth, press, TV -- let's see if we can make the United States, on any given Friday, a sea of red much like a home football game at a University. If every one of our memberships share this with other acquaintances, fellow workers, friends, and neighbors, I guarantee that it will not be long before the USA will be covered in RED - and make our troops know there are many people thinking of their well-being.

You will feel better all day Friday when you wear Red! So let’s get the word out and lead by example; wear RED on Fridays. I sent this out to everyone on my email list; hopefully, you will too. Please forward this to everyone you know!! Wear Red on Fridays.




Friends. While I understand the intent of your message and your concern for our troops, I cannot participate in any activity that might be interpreted as supporting those who put our National Guard and other troops in harms way. As one who volunteered and served in Vietnam, I understand very well the dilemma. I support our troops, but not the administration; and I will not do anything that might be interpreted by anyone as supporting those who have put our troops and nation in this situation.

I am convinced that the "Downing Street Memo" is just the tip of the iceberg in this mess. Colin Powell asked Bush just 2-3 days before Bush ordered the troops into Iraq, “Are you sure you want to do this? If you break it, you own it." Bush went ahead and now the citizens of the USA own the problem.

It is not the troop’s fault that they are in this untenable situation, but it is Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Tenet's. Vietnam evolved out of 1870's French Colonialism, and after WWII became Cold War diplomacy run amuck. But Iraq was Bush’s decision... and the responsibility rests squarely on him and his administration. They took their eye off Osama Bin Laden, Iraq was not a threat, and I believe Bush’s advisors knew it. Why did they go into Iraq rather than after the Saudi's who financed Osama?

The UN weapons inspectors were begging the Bush administration to tell them where the alleged "Slam Dunk” WMDs were so that they could go look and secure them right up until they were told to get out, we are bombing Baghdad. The UN inspectors had located, identified, inventoried, secured, and were monitoring over 300 tons of very high conventional explosives in Iraqi bunkers. The UN told us what was there and where it was, yet the troops were told to look for WMDs, not conventional weapons. When those bunkers were opened and no WMDs were found the troops went on, as ordered, to Baghdad. Those very explosives were looted and are being used against our troops today. Yet, the Iraqi Oil Ministry was secured, and not even a window was broken.


“In subsequent days, looting and unrest became a serious issue. With the notable exception of the Oil Ministry, which was guarded by American troops, the majority of government and public buildings were totally plundered, to the point of there being nothing of any value left. At the important Yarmuk Hospital, not only all beds, but absolutely all its medical equipment, both large and small, were stolen. One other hospital managed to keep on functioning in a manner by organizing local vigilante as armed guards.” And:

“Hundreds of tones of high explosives are missing and probably looted from a former Iraqi military facility, the United Nations nuclear watchdog said on Monday.

Before the U.S. invasion last year, the IAEA had been keeping tabs on stockpiles of HMX and RDX, which are so-called "dual-use" explosives because they can be used in nuclear weapons.

The Al Qaqaa facility, a large military installation located 45 kilometers south of Baghdad, has been under U.S. military control since the war, but has repeatedly been looted.

Some wonder whether the missing explosives are now being used in insurgent attacks against the forces of the U.S.-led coalition.”

I could go on, but will not. I support bringing the troops as soon as feasible, but I do not trust Bush’s judgment and do not trust him to solve this difficult situation. And I will not participate in any activity that can be spun by Bush's Ministers of Misinformation as support for him.

He should be impeached! We need new leadership.

"Dissent is patriotic."

Peace, Terry J DuBose

Friday, June 03, 2005



I feel a blog comin' on! This is an important opportunity to remind folks about the FBI and COINTEL during our times, and to join the debate about how these arguments are "framed", and how, and why...

I also think that it is important to address the fact that they have
dredged up Chuck (Preacher) Colson, Bernard (Guns) Barker (who was known to be personally involved in anti-VVAW activities in Miami re the G'ville 8 and the " Whammo Conspiracy" set-up...not to mention the rumors of arms purchases, transport, stashes and use by certain members of the G'ville 8/VVAW network, back in '72. and G. Gordon (CIA Clown) Liddy, to represent the anti-hero faction of the flap over Deep Throat...all of whom are, ironically, thumping their chests and talking about how Felt acted illegally, in his capacity as second in command of the FBI, and that he should have "reported" his concerns to somebody; like for instance the Attorney General (convicted in Watergate), the Federal Grand Jury (administrated and orchestrated by the aforementioned AG) his direct FBI superior, Gray (appointed by the Dick), even the President himself (driven out of office in disgrace over Vietnam & Watergate)!? Sort of stinks of a Republican Strategic Initiative being implemented to Frame The Argument.

Surprisingly (or not) just as Americans who weren't even born (but are now of voting age) when the Nixon creature ran the show and went down in flames...on national Big 3 Network TV...are being "educated" about the "realities" of the time on national cable news networks, the under the rock denizens come out to feed on the minds of unsuspecting Americans who are trying to learn something from this issue. They never miss an opportunity to assault the objective political Truth. After all, this new group of younger Americans could potentially be a great funding source and voter pool for the Neocons, if only they knew the "truth" of what really went down around Watergate...and another terrific opportunity to rewrite history in their pursuit of using Orwellian Newspeak to win the hearts and minds of "True Americans"...not to bother with those pinko liberals who set the whole Watergate thing up, just to embarrass the Dick and the Republican party in all of their goodness, they are too far down the road of perdition to salvage.

In the end; does it matter whether Felt is a hero, or not; or, does it matter more that all of the major detractors that are being highlighted on the cable news networks as spokespersons for the Neocons are the very same political operatives who still have ties to the scattered fragments of the Nixon gang...and their money, not to mention have high profile, high paying positions in the media as conservative political consultants, spokespersons, and talk show types; who are all convicted felons, having served time as a result of their duplicity in the Watergate stench?

A question, I think, that is worth investigating at, and here on the VetSpeak Blog site, inasmuch as we have established a quest to meet these ravagers of Truth and history each time they raise their sleazy heads and begin to spew the lies they weave so well.

I will be posting my thoughts from above as a thread, and would invite you, if you have not already done so, to join in on shedding a little light on this latest sleazy transgression of the minions of the dark place in our history; known as The Nixon Era.

Blows against the empire...Truth and Action...

Bill H.