Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Coming to town

I have made it a habit of always coming to conventions early to be able to see everyone come in. I have also set my departure at least a day later to see everyone off. I do this because I just can't get enough of these Family reunions.
Iraq Veterans Against the War, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, and Gold Star Families for Peace are five groups yet one Family. For all of us to gather in one place is something that I don't want to miss, not even a minute. "How long must we suffer, before we realized that we must stand united." - Bob Marley

I'm not going to argue with Bob. Peace comes when we tear down our barriers to see that all life is precious and humanity is shared by all. This is our mission.

There are voices within the White House that would love for us to divide. They would love for us to bicker between ourselves and to call each other names to the point of meltdown.

Too bad for them.
We have already gone through the fires of war and we didn't melt. Here we stand together tall and confident. Our voices speak truth to power in a way no wall could be constructed. Instead we use those bricks to build a solid foundation for the house of Peace and Justice. This house will not wash away.

Hart Viges


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Windbender said...

Welcome aboard, Hart...

Good stuff, Brother. Thanks.

Semper Fi...