Monday, July 18, 2005


By PeaceVet

What kind of high explosives were used in London?
No one is talking specifics.
I have started watching and
asking, and they don't want to talk about it. They are even
pissed at the French for confirming they are "military

Why is it that the farther in time that we get from the
London 7-7-05 bombings, the less certain are the official
descriptions of the high explosives used, and the more
muddled is the identity of the explosives? Yet, they were
so certain just 48 hours after the bombings.

On July 12th, the officials and media talked about
explosives found in cars, in bathtubs, and C4 “like”
explosives, rather than saying what kind of explosives were
used. Tell me they didn't already know what the
explosives' chemical make up was and if there were
taggents (biological or chemical paper additives that can
be used to verify the origin or validity of a document). I
watch CSI.

One reason to avoid discussing what kind of explosives
were used is that their source will be embarrassing to Blair
and/or Bush. Could it be that these explosives are from
the 350 tons of Iraqi explosives that the UN told the USA
about; but they were fumbled by the USA, and looted?


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Xonk said...


Right after they announced that "military grade" explosives were used, I caught a talking head on BBC News speculating that those looted Iraqi explosives could be the source. He explained that the old eastern European source that supplied the IRA had cleaned up their act.

Now they say the explosives were made in a bath tub? "Military grade" made in a bath tub?

I DON'T think so....