Thursday, July 28, 2005


The appearance of sites like the one above looks like an open door and a major opportunity related to the VetSpeak mission. I will be following up with ideas on how we can strategically deal with this. But for now, here are a few thoughts:

WHO IS BUD DAY? Nixonite Bud Day is an old right winger from the POW/MIA "movement" at odds with Kerry's POW Committee. The group also supported the findings of Nixon's cronies (like McNamara and BigBush who was then the CIA Ops man for SEA and the snake Kissinger) to write off unaccounted for POW/MIAs. Day has made a fortune from his Medal Of Honor and former POW status acting as a political operative for right wing Neocons.

I suspect that TrueBlue is right about the re-release of Winter Soldier being a major motivator for this new site. But, I also believe that the VVAW and Swifties Face Off at TTU last March put a hurt on them, too. Add to that the dialogues happening at our very own, and at blogs and forums throughout the nation, such as the Star Telegraph "Should We Leave Iraq," face offs many of us are familiar with.

We, and many others who are showing up online with our shared Objective to shine the light on Political Truth, are creating a stir that requires the Swifites and other Right Wing Neocons to think up new strategic initiatives. The operations of this "Proud Americans" group is just another use of the incredible amounts of money that the Right spends to steal the Flag and drain the resources of us who have only truth and experience on our side.

Those "Proud Americans" are also attacking Jane again. And that is one topic I am personally very well prepared to discuss. Much of what occurred with Jane back then happened on my watch as regional coordinator of the California/Nevada VVAW. I worked with Jane on "Coming Home," and I consider her a friend. Scurrilous lies, rhetorical BS and character assassination aimed used as fodder for political, personal, or capital gain (or, any other reason, for that matter) is indefensible. One Repubicon myth that we have definitely exposed to the masses during those days was that "Lefties ain't all sissies." These new attempts at smearing committed political activists and distorting the truth didn't work then and it won't work now. So I say to the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (i.e., Swifties): Bring it on. Truth is on our side.

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