Friday, October 23, 2009

From Vietnam to Afghanistan: The more things change, the more they remain the same...

A Poor Place To Have To Defend To Begin With
Chuck Palazzo

As you are all aware, my main interest right now is Agent Orange - what can be done about the required medical attention by those who are victims - either directly sprayed, having living in contaminated areas, and of course their offspring - Americans, our allies and of course the Vietnamese - and as I am learning, the widespread contamination reaches much, much further - Canada, Guam, Japan - I hope to write on that soon as I gather more information. I have also taken up an interest in UXO, am far from qualified to even write or comment about it, but I am a very strong supporter of the clean-up efforts involved, and the killing and maiming of innocents that occurs each and every day throughout the world.
The story that the link below will take you to, I found as a result of UXO research. Its actually more about how the US put itself in harms way by basing a small camp, then trying to defend it, in a nearly impossible scenario. Our involvement in Afghanistan, fighting against brave warriors that defeated the Russians, and a fighting force that are defending their country, their families, their religion. A country that has fought on horseback, and in an impossible environment - long story short, they know what they are doing and in my opinion, we have no reason to be there. I personally draw many parallels between Vietnam and Afghanistan.
Here is an eyewitness account of COP Keating - I use the term "eyewitness" loosely because it was provided by a General from a CP from who knows how many klicks away from the actual battle. But nonetheless, the words speak for themselves. It brought back vivid memories of some of our impossible missions in Vietnam - fighting for ground that was meaningless, no advanced air or artillery support, etc...
Here is the link:

Semper fi! and my condolences go out to the family members who's sons, brothers, fathers, husbands were KIA as a result of this yet, another waste. What was achieved? Death.

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