Monday, August 24, 2009

VFP Shout Out: Yo, Robin Long Supporters...

Vets & Our Supporters,
FOR DISTRIBUTION FAR AND WIDE - A heart felt thank you from Veterans For Peace
While the members of the GI Rights & War Resisters Committee, of the San Diego Chapter of Veterans For Peace, appreciate the acknowledgment for the small part that we played in the Campaign on behalf of Robin Long, America's First Active Duty GI War Resister to be Extradited from Canada, when in fact, we were really just one of many groups who supported Robin.
The real credit for making this exceptional young man feel cared for and loved while in the brig those many months at MCAS Miramar are the hundreds of good people in the San Diego Peace & Justice Movement who showed up for the monthly vigil's outside the gates of Miramar and who donated both their time and money month after month after month. With out all of you we would have accomplished very little.
You folks are the true hero's in our humble efforts as Veterans For Peace to "Really Support the Troops, all of the troops". We cannot thank you all enough for helping us get the word out to the local Television News Outlets and Newspapers, who came out numerous times to hear his story and to chronicle your efforts on his and all War Resisters' behalf, to acknowledge their individual courage and sacrifice in the name of Peace & Justice. Your generosity and commitment to Robin and his family have touched us all and you need to know the difference that you made. And last but not least Willie Hager of for "Speaking Truth to Power", and for helping us to get the word out nationally. Thank you, thank you , thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Hoa Binh (Peace in Vietnamese)
Jan A. Ruhman.
Vice President
Veterans For Peace
San Diego Chapter

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Marinemomof3 aka O'Brien said...

So true Ruhman, the community of San Diego really came together for this young man!

The one area I almost forgot about, re: Vetspeak's voice, Truth to Power, was the day you got thrown out of the Brig. What a absolute treat to know that the peeps at the Brig were reading Vestspeak's blog!!!
OOH RAH Vetspeak!
Remember that call Willie??
A very SPECIAL and heart warm thanks to VVAW for upon Robin's release, a very generous check was given to him, to help him with his expenses for his reaclaimation. To be able to purchase reading glasses, clothes and essentials upon his release!
Truly honored by all of YOU