Sunday, July 19, 2009

Veterans caught up in ICE immigration dragnet nightmare...


Defense Committee Seeks Funds For Travel to VFP National Convention

Ed Note: This is an initiative that VetSpeak strongly supports. Jan Rhuman, our VetSpeak Operations Coordinator, and my friend, and VVAW Brother, of 37 years, has taken the issue of the deportation of America's Veterans, many with-out benefit of due process, to heart. Woe unto the HMFIC of that blatantly unconstitutional model of protection of American citizens. The light of Truth is about to shine, and chase away the cockroaches of spin. Jan's on the mission.

He has, out of pocket, along with an old school Bar Sinister (L.A. Law Collective that worked with VVAW 1972-1974) style lawyer, and a few Veterans who have fallen victim to this outrage, formed a Defense Committee, and is re-framing the argument regarding Veterans and immigration issues. In just the short time since we were all together there in SoCal, on the West Coast Tour these folks have made some very serious moves on behalf of this issue. They have motivated local and regional coalitions of progressive Veterans and Families groups to work on making it a focal issue in their mutually supportive agendas. This trip to the VFP Convention to present their case for National VFP support, is their first national outreach.

I hope that you will all find it in your heart, and in your pocket book, to support their immediate mission, and assist them in getting to the Convention, where their voices can be heard, in a national Veterans forum. WH

Jan's e-mail appeal:

Dear Friends,

Many of you are aware that we have begun working on a National Veterans Issue & Campaign seeking Justice for American Combat Veterans who have served our nation in the military and received honorable discharges, who have been incarcerated in Department of Homeland Security Prisons nation wide and are being processed for banishment from America the land they fought to defend.

The link below is an article from the front page of last Sundays, June 12th San Diego Union Tribune and a video interview of one of the Vietnam Era Veterans incarcerated and facing deportation:

We need your help in getting four Defense Committee members to DC to present the Veterans Facing Deportation Work Shop from the recent VFP Sub-Regional in Oceanside, Heather Boxeth, Attorney, myself, Louie Alvarez (vet facing deportation) and a family member Angelica Madrigal at the National Veterans For Peace Convention August 5th-9th. In addition we have been invited to meet with Congressional Committee Staff from several Congressmen.

The actual costs for flights, lodging, transportation and convention registrations fees are around $3,600.00. We have committed $2,350.00 cash on hand leaving $1,250 short at this point in time.

I am asking that you consider making a donation and help us raise the needed funds between now and next Tuesday, July 22nd when we commit $911.00 for housing the four delegate. It's personal contact we need with folks that may be willing to help us. I'm reaching out and doing the same with my friends and associates.

Please consider making a donation and sending out a request to anyone you deem appropriate.

Thank you for your help,

Jan A. Ruhman


On-line: Go to; on right side of home screen, you will see "donate" superimposed on a graphic of a homeless Veteran, just to the left of the Robin Long poster, click on the graphic, and use the General Donations Pay-Pal button, make donation and ref VFP Trip, if given the option, on the Pay-Pal form.

Snail Mail: Mail check or money order to Veterans For Peace, C/O Jan Ruhman, 8632 Garde Ct.,
San Diego, Ca 92126

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Good work on this issue. Unfortunately Deportation is not the only issue in Immigration matters effecting Vets. Family Unity, something they fought for and is a constitutionally protected right is also being compromised for many Vets who have spouses, children and parents who face deportation and bars to addmission under draconian provisions of Immigration law.