Monday, December 25, 2006

New Boss same as the Old Boss?
Dialogue: The Fuel of Truth...
Willie Hager
(sometimes aka Wilder)

Now that the “worst” Congress in history has adjourned…by worst; I mean the least representative of the interests of the American people since Nixon and, in their own toady kinda way, the most representative of corporate and far Right political interests with their armies of high dollar lobbyists and 527s…I think that it is appropriate to look back for lessons. Like, how to make sure that it never happens again; only for real, this time!

Before we do, we must acknowledge that while the Repugs and Neocons were soundly defeated as far as control of Congress is concerned; they are definitely not out of biz. Like cockroaches, they simply scurried for cover when the light of Political Truth began shining too brightly. Should that light dim again, they will all come swarming back. We must also acknowledge that it was our own complacency in not maintaining the very principles which we had rallied around to bring about the historical toppling of the Nixon machine that lost the Left the much needed attention and support of the “political center”, who it seems, had melted back into the heartland, and/or into the Me-ness of the 80’s as a result of that oversight.

This sad state of affairs came as a result of the astonishing lack of attention to Constitutional principle of government for all the people. The very principle which had driven us all to victory through an evolution of personal, social, and political repression and metamorphosis. All of this with a price tag of personal economic sacrifices, as well. Not keeping this fresh in our hearts, in our consciences, and in our daily lives is what allowed that amazing breathe of fresh air called Political and Social Freedom to be sucked out of our nation. That, and repression and re-framing of the political arguement by the Right, to suit their own ends. Tyranny, once again, had become as rampant and as divisive as it was during the fascist years of Nixon and his cronies.

This losing sight of the ball on the part of the American People ultimately led to the Political Correctness model of those from the Left seeking public office through pandering to demographically assured voter blocs, and to the self appointed spokespersons of said blocs. New Boss; same as the Old Boss…and we were indeed, fooled again. This was, without a doubt, the great undoing of the most powerful weapon that we had when we ended the Vietnam War and the Nixon reign and lifted the boot-heel of oppression from the necks of many of those very same above mentioned demographic voter blocs The Unity of Purpose and Principle that had carried us to victory in the first place was soon forgotten in the political purges and infighting over the spoils of political and social revolution by the Left of the late ‘70s and ‘80s.

All of this occurred with utter disregard for the equality of personal freedom of speech, religion, sex, and race that were the original impetus for that most important, but ultimately self-defeated, political and social revolution. It manifested itself in powerful minority issue caucuses and Civil Rights lobbyists dealing with religion, sex, guns, and race reinforced with Political Correctness. This lack of dialogue, my friends, is what fueled the equally successful Gingrich Revolution and it’s Contract with America/Family Values agenda and the coming to power of the Neocons. All of this with the gleeful assistance of many of the ol’ Repug Nixon gang, now embedded as lobbyists and 527 political hate groups such as the Swift Boat Vets (known here at VetSpeak respectfully as NSSV’s, or Not So Swift Vets). I guess that it is true that power corrupts.

I hope not. I hope that we have transcended the greed and corruption of personal power that seeped into our great Movement the last time around, and that we now have set out to build a political future for the true soldiers in the current political revolution; the American People. The ones, regardless of party registration that voted the for the candidates and the issues as they apply to their daily lives, and not the agenda of Special Interest groups, whatever their persuasion or cause. All issues should now be considered by their worth and benefit for the largest number of American Citizens, regardless of religion, race, economic status, or party registration. This means bringing an end to the era of “Political Correctness” and divisive rhetoric from all parties that are struggling around these issues. In other words, civility and respect for one another in our dealings with the matters that most affect us as citizens of a free and great nation. The time has come to separate political party registration from the concept of “affiliation”, or “allegiance” and begin to consider what would be the best decisions for us as a majority of American Citizens, rather than as members of individual advocacy groups, locked into divisive Politically Correct agendas, whether they happen to be from the Left or the Right.

Unity of Purpose and Principle is what got us to this major Congressional power shift this time around, just like it did back in The Day. We should stick with it, this time. Being a registered Democrat does not mean, by any stretch of imagination, that one does or must, for fear of personal retribution or political or social ostracization, vote the party candidate or line. Blacks don’t necessarily have to vote the Democratic ticket, anymore than middle class white folks must vote the Republican ticket. In order to be good Americans, we each simply need vote our conscience. And when the vote is in, respect and support the results. Political Parties, corporate lobbying groups, 527s and minority advocacy groups aren’t mentioned in the Constitution. However; guarantees of Individual Liberty, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice most certainly are. In America, according to our Constitution; we are entitled as U.S. Citizens, to speak our personal thoughts and ideas, and to vote our personal choice without fear of oppression from any individual, corporation, political party or faction. In the end; it’s not up to anybody but us to make sure that we don’t get fooled, again.

We cannot retreat into our own personal worlds again. We are all in this together. The Repugs haven’t retired from the fray, they are simply re-grouping, waiting for an exposed artery…or for the light of Truth to dim, again. We must remain vigilant. If we are truly going to make a better quality of life for all of the citizens of our great nation, we must remain engaged. We have a responsibility to stay tuned in, and to speak up assertively when someone is singing out of Constitutional tune, or forgets the words and guarantees, no matter what political party or special interest that they might represent.

We must not allow personality cults or personal power and enrichment to corrupt our political/social leadership at our own personal expense or welfare, ever again. We cannot neglect our constitutional duty to continue to Speak Truth to Power. We must, as a people united, set the agenda, and not allow the 527s, or the political campaign managers, or the minority caucuses, or the media pundits to usurp our privilege and responsibility, ever again. That is our responsibility as a free thinking, self governed People. We cannot allow the new congressional leadership to define and set policy, any more than we can allow the Neocons to take charge again; we must remain engaged in open respectful dialogue at all levels in order to ensure that our Representatives indeed represent an agenda perceived as correct by the majority of American Citizens, and not one designed by corporate lobbyists and special interest groups.

Dialogue is the fuel of Truth…silence is the fuel of tyranny. The choice is ours.

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