Wednesday, April 27, 2005


To succeed as a useful forum, VetSpeak must maintain a defined focus. There are many sites and blogs out there that cover a wealth of topics, including those that serve as advocacies for a multitude of competing progressive issues. This is the focus we have defined for ourselves:

Preserve the True History & Contributions of VVAW. We exist to preserve the true and venerable history of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) and it's honorable and patriotic contributions to America and it's Veterans from all eras.

History Will Not Be Rewritten! We vow to "speak truth to power" whenever individuals or groups attempt to rewrite history and discredit VVAW, or any other progressive-thinking Veteran or Veteran-related individual or organization, for personal, capital, or political gain.

Remember & Remind. We exist to insure that the public knows and remembers the objective truths of Vietnam, OIF & OEF Theatres of war, and any future engagements where American service personnel are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Preserve & Foster the Truth. We will work to insure that Truth is not a continuing First Casualty of War and becomes the criteria for objective evaluation of the strategic initiatives of certain groups and institutions related to Veteran, political and/or social issues we as a free press feel compelled to address.

Agree to Disagree. In the spirit of open communication and respect; we agree to disagree respectfully on issues upon which, in principle, we cannot come to agreement on as we continue to speak truth to power on issues which we do agree on. We agree to speak as one voice; that composed of all those speaking Objective Truth to power. This in our declared  role; that of a Veteran Advocacy & Resources internet site and non-profit multi-media publishing organization.

Motivated by Patriotism. We are motivated by our patriotism, our humanity, and our deep love of America.

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